Aksigorta Awards Baksaş with its 25th Year Anniversary Plaque

25 Mart 2020 Çarşamba

Aksigorta AŞ's Head of Executive Board and Senior Executives visited Baksaş Sigorta AŞ, a subsidiary of the Bakioğlu Holding, to present a "25th Year Anniversary Plaque" for the company's 25th anniversary on March 3, 2020.

The plaque ceremony was hosted by Cem Bakioğlu, Chairman of the Bakioğlu Holding, Enver Bakioğlu, Executive Board Member, Ufuk Tezer, Executive Committee Member, and Bahadır Zengin, General Director of the Baksaş Sigorta AŞ. Haluk Dinçer, Head of the Sabancı Holding Sigorta Group, Uğur Gülen, General Director, Fahri Altıngöz, Vice General Director, Murat Özek, Corporate Sales Group Director, and Erdinç Özkan, Corporate Sales Manager were present on behalf of Ak Sigorta.

During the ceremony, along with the "25th Year Anniversary Plaque," the insurance policy for the "Vacuum Metallized Machine" assembly, installation work of which was initiated in Polibak’s 2nd Line on September 15th, 1995, was also presented to Cem Bakioğlu by Haluk Dinçer to commemorate that important day.

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