Fire Insurances

Fire Insurance is the insurance that secures any kind of buildings and contents used for private or commercial purposes against physical damages caused by self-induced fire, lightning, explosion and resulting hazards such as vapor, heat, smoke, etc. 

Liability Insurances

Liability Insurances are policies under which the insurance companies cover claims as a result of damages to third persons by the insurance holder. Employer’s Legal Liability Insurance, Third Person Legal Liability Insurance, Product Liability Insurance, Product Recall Insurance and Professional Liability Insurance are under this coverage. 

Health Insurances

Group Health Insurance is the one that specific number of people comes together and takes out private health insurance collectively. It may be formed by a group of friends or company employees. Furthermore, private health insurance may be issued as a group for the company employees upon demand. 

Transportation Insurances

Transportation Insurances cover Insurance of Goods and Specie Insurances.

General Loss Insurance

General Loss Insurance covers the following insurance types:

  • Glass Breaking Insurance
  • Theft Insurance
  • Machine Installation Insurance
  • Construction Insurance
  • Electronic Equipment Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance 

Financial Losses Insurance

Financial Losses Insurance covers the following insurance types:

  • Loss of Profit Insurance
  • Legal Protection Insurance
  • Loan Receivables Insurance