We, Baksaş Sigorta, have been rendering intermediation and consultancy services to our customers in all branches other than life for more than 25 years; and we are carrying our activities throughout Turkey with our technical team and consultants. We determine the needs of our customers with our experienced technical team and consultants for the insurance processes and we always give particular importance to customer satisfaction. We present the most comprehensive study to both our individual and corporate customers in line with their budgets by revealing the insurable risks of our customers. Most important points that differentiate us include our consultancy services that we provide to our insurance holders following the issue of policy. Our insurance holders prefer working with us knowing for certain that we will create practical solutions based in any case of need based on the issue; that their damage claims will be paid as soon as possible in order to complete the repair of risk within the shortest time. The awareness that is set forth through our service both during the issue of policy and following the damage forms the foundation of long term trust relationship with our customers.

Our products and services are offered as the output of our quarter-century knowledge and efforts based on the requirements of our insurance holders and they will be differentiating us and will be our biggest strength all the time.

Our Targets and Principles

  • We aim at considering our business partners and employees as the source of our strength all the time,
  • Giving opportunity to the development of our employees and enhancing their development and happiness;
  • Realizing “Team Work” that will ensure their participation in every field;
  • Reaching to corporate and individual insurance holders and managing the risks accurately by determining their needs in current business areas;
  • Remaining innovation at the top of the list in all business processes and rendering innovative services;
  • Becoming the most preferable insurance company in every branch that satisfies the customers’ requirements and expectations;
  • Becoming the most preferable company by targeting perfection in human relations processes and increasing the benefits to our employees;
  • Becoming a leading insurance company brand in terms of customer satisfaction in sales and after sales products & services.