BAK Academy is the company academy which aims to prepare employees to  positions requiring higher responsibilities by providing the information, ability and development opportunities as they need.

It is aimed to constitute common values and common leadership language throughout the group and improve organizational culture with the BAK Academy.

The programs of BAK Academy;

  • Executive Leadership Development Program
  • Manager Development Program
  • Sales Development Program
  • Financial Affairs Development Program
  • Human Values Development Program
  • Foreman Development Program

The leadership approach of BAK Academy is supported by the values of "community, love, determination, belief" and the main goals of BAK Academy are;

  • Focusing on development areas in accordance with the organizational climate constituted by universal values such as "justice, accountability and transparency",
  • Developing our abilities according to the future needs,
  • Keeping the key employees, developing the high potential employees,
  • Developing "Top Managers" of the future,
  • Attracting professionals with high potential and performance to our companies,
  • Making an effective "Human Values Planning" throughout the group,
  • Enlarging the group by implementing organizational goals and supporting the change,
  • And keeping sustainable all these goals.