At The Time Of Damage

Things to Consider at the time of Damage

Dear Insurance Holder,

Please notify us almost immediately at the time of damage. You just need to call Baksaş Damages Unit responsible at 0 232 376 77 88 .

You are required to provide the following information at the stage of damage notification:

  • Date of damage
  • Estimated amount of damage
  • Nature of damage
  • Full address and telephone numbers of location for expertise
  • E-mail address
  • IBAN Number

If you need urgent help at the time of damage, you must inform this to our damage unit manager. Please comply completely with the instructions of expert if commissioned for the determination of your damage. It is important that you keep the file number given to you at the time of your damage notification, because such file number is used for all the correspondences and negotiations. If you know your file number for the period until your claim payment, this would provide convenience and speed in your transactions.

It is important in terms of healthy and rapid progress in the process that you provide the damage documents listed below based on categories as soon as possible and with reference to your damage file number. Following information and documents are standard and extra documents may be required based on the scope of damage.