TURMESAD Contact Meeting

6 Ocak 2017 Cuma

Bahadır Zengin, General Director of Baksaş Sigorta, has shared quite useful information for members of the association by making a presentation themed "insurance types that protect the employers against losses arising during the occupational accidents and 3. parties" for the members of Turgutlu Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association of Metal Industrialists.

Stating that risk and danger are always found together, Mr. Zengin has given significant information as "Social Security Institution of Turkey (SGK) finds the employer responsible even when something happens to the operating personnel who gets on the shuttle to go to work or when the operating personnel hurts someone in a fight in a workplace and it regards these kinds of situations as occupational accidents. In that case, the treatment costs done by SGK are recoursed to the employer."

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