Congratulations to Baksaş

27 Ocak 2020 Pazartesi

Baksaş Sigorta A.Ş is dedicated to protecting individuals and institutions against dangers, to paying "real damage completely and as soon as possible" in case of necessity, and to serving the insured person in the best way by protecting the customer's interests before and after the damage. On top of this, Baksaş Sigorta A.Ş is on a path towards new successes as a company benefiting to both the insured and the society, offering easy-to-use, accessible and simple services, and operating with a mission to add value.

Baksaş Sigorta demonstrated its proficiency once again by being ranked first among 295 Aksigorta agencies in İzmir and being ranked ninth among 3013 agencies across Turkey in 2019.

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