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3 Ekim 2017 Salı

Baksaş Sigorta has been maintaining its uncompromising attitude in terms of rendering the best service to its insurance holders and business partners and its innovative, reliable and dynamic structure since the day of its establishment; and it aims at becoming an intermediating company with the strongest financial structure in Turkish Insurance Sector with the experience of more than a quarter century and the support of insurance holders both within and outside the group.

Baksaş Sigorta has been associating with the most important corporate companies of Turkey and it maintains its characteristics of being an effective insurance company with a common service network through its reinsurers both at home and abroad.

Growing even more with the corporate philosophy of Bakioğlu Holding, Baksaş Sigorta closed 2015 as the second of top insurance companies in Turkey and targeted the first rank for 2016 and succeeded with the first rank in the production list of Turkey with its Regional Directorate of Izmir. 

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