We support personal and professional developments of students by providing internship opportunities to them. We enlarge our recruitment sources by providing job alternatives to interns of whom successfully completes their intern period should any vacancies arise. The details of the intern programs which are implemented with a social responsibility approach are listed below:

Summer Internship Program

In summer internship program we provide opportunity to implement theoretical information to university students with whom we come together via universities. We help students to get prepared to the professional life by assigning them in the short-term projects which differs according to their expertise.

In the period of June-September: After making not only compulsory but also volunteer students experience a professional interview, we recruite the high potential ones to our organization.

Winter Internship Program

For the winter internship program, at first we analyze the number of interns required. After assuring the quality and quantity of the interns, we perform a joint study with vocational high schools and commercial high-schools. We provide internship opportunity to students who pass the assessment of consultant teachers of their school and the interview from the Human Values department.

We develop high school students with the purpose of making them beneficial to  the society and support them to help their vocational development.